Sunday, October 7, 2007

Some of the debates over the articles nominated for deletion were interesting, I noticed the name NASCAR Fan24(radio me!) appearing in many articles. While his opinions were usually valid, it was odd how frequent these opinions surfaced. I noticed his vote to delete an article 15 different times, and a very reluctant vote to keep only once. I guess this guy is one of the .7 users responsible for 50% of the edits on Wikipedia (depending on how you look at the numbers). I don’t know if its ego, or simply boredom, but his amount of time spent on wikipedia implies that he holds his opinion on matters very highly. This calls to mind his qualifications (be they nuclear physicist or fruitcake in nature.) I tend to think that a strong percentage of wiki-editors know what they are talking about, and that a majority of articles would simply never come to mind when wiki-vandals are wiki-vandalizing.

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